About BisonHub

Workday is a cloud-based application that serves as a central platform for the University's business operations and the Student Information System.  Workday leverages a modern technology program that provides the Howard University community with greater access to information and data, more efficient processes. We strive to offer seamless Howard University experience for students, faculty and staff.

In Fall 2022, the University created a student naming contest. We tasked participants with submitting a name that encompasses the rich legacy of Howard University, while simultaneously embracing our innovative future. We received over 300 creative submissions! After polling close to 800 community members, BisonHub was selected as the new namesake for Howard University‚Äôs central information system!

What does this mean exactly for the entire campus community? The system that faculty and staff currently call Workday, and the system students currently call Bison Web, will now be called BisonHub! As we socialize the new name, you will hear the phrase BisonHub Powered by Workday. This means that the same system that you have come to expect will continue to operate under a new name!

Howard faculty and staff currently use BisonHub powered by Workday for finance, human resources, procurement, and payroll, and will soon use it for student-specific modules including Admissions, Advising, and Financial Aid.  The implementation of the student-specific modules begins in Summer 2023 and culminates in Fall 2024.