Glossary of BisonHub Terms

As we continue to implement BisonHub, we will begin using new terms.  Some of the terms will replace existing terms and some will be brand new.  The chart below provides a description of BisonHub terms and identifies if the BisonHub term is replacing a current term we use in Bison Web.  Be sure to check back often as additional BisonHub terms will be added throughout the fall and spring. 


BisonHub Term

Current Term

(if applicable)

BisonHub Description

Academic Period


A period of time with a defined start date and end date (such as a semester, quarter, or other fixed period).

Academic Unit


An organization type that represents an academic department, college, or school within the University.  Academic units can recruit prospective students, admit students, and offer programs of study or courses.  Academic units are also used with Academic Appointments.  

Academic Progress Report

Degree Audit

Evaluates the progress of academic requirements for a student’s program of study.  Also referred to as Workday's "degree audit."



A specialized landing page containing key processes, actions, reports, and links.  Dashboards can be created for students and staff in key functional areas including Academics, Finances, Teaching, and Advising.   

Functional Area


A specific category or domain of functionality within BisonHub that is related to managing different aspects of student information, processes, or administrative tasks.  The primary functional areas for the BisonHub Student implementation are Curriculum and Advising, Data Conversion, Integrations, Financial Aid, Recruiting and Admissions, Reporting, Student Financials, and Student Records.