BisonHub Information for Faculty & Staff

The University is excited to announce that BisonHub is now available and open to students!  Students, faculty, and staff can access BisonHub via AccessHU.  You can also use the link below to log in to BisonHub!

Click here to log in to BisonHub!

The BisonHub powered by Workday website is the primary resource for the Howard University community to learn about the Workday Student Project and stay informed about current activities. 

The Workday Student project is Phase 2 of the University’s digital transformation outlined in the Howard Forward strategic plan that started with our Workday Platform project when the university moved all finance, payroll, and human resource functions to Workday in July 2021.  With the Workday Student Project, Howard will be moving many student-related processes and activities from Banner to Workday. With the addition of the Workday Student modules, Howard University will be at the forefront of modernization as the landscape of higher education and technology continue to evolve.

The Workday Student modules allow Howard to implement a modern system for student information and processes that will meet the university's need for flexibility and growth.  Students will enjoy mobile capabilities, alerts, and reminders, while faculty and staff will have access to dashboards and reporting. This fully integrated technology platform will improve consistency and streamline business processes to better support the educational mission of Howard University and fulfill the objectives of the Howard Forward strategic plan. 

In Fall 2022, Howard engaged the student population to rename the Workday system.  BisonHub was selected by the campus community as the new name of the Workday system. 

Uniquely Yours

Your BisonHub experience is uniquely crafted to fit your needs. The BisonHub applications and features will be determined by the ways that you are connected to the university. If you are staff member that is taking classes at the university, you will have access to the tools needed for work, as well as the registering and maintaining your courses.

Getting to Know BisonHub