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Spring 2024 Important Dates

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Description automatically generated As the University fully transitions to BisonHub during the 2024 calendar year, there will be periods when our campus community will be working in both Bison Web (Banner) and BisonHub (Workday).  Provided below are the activities and the associated system for Spring 2024.  Be sure to check back often as additional activities will be added for both Spring 2024 and Summer 2024.

Students - here are important dates and activities for you to know!



Action & Activity


February 21, 2024

Participate in BisonHub Day

Howard University Campus

March 11, 2024

Complete the BisonHub Training (On-Demand)


March 25, 2024

Register for Summer 2024

Bison Web

April 1, 2024

Create a Saved Schedule for Fall 2024


April 15-19, 2024

Register for Fall 2024


May 8, 2024

View final grades for Spring 2024

Bison Web